• INTRODUCTION - Do we need a video?

     An essential part of your marketing strategy, video, gives a human face to your organisation which helps to reduce any hesitation to engage and buy your services. People buy people right? That's me on the right by the way.


    Using video to get your message across means there is no ambiguity and your customers can engage with you and your brand straight-away.


    70 out of the top 100 search listings on Google contain video - want to get your page to the top of the list? You need a video. People spend longer on your site and search engines treat links from reputable websites as votes of endorsement.


    Simply put, this means potentially higher search rankings for your site.


    "Viewer enjoyment of branded video is important because it has a direct impact on key brand metrics. Viewers who enjoyed the video they watched demonstrated 139% higher brand association, 97% higher purchase intent, 35% higher brand favourability, and 14% higher brand recall than their counterparts".


    • Filming
    • Photography
    • Image editing
    • Video Editing - can work remotely
    • Motion Graphics
    • 3d Animation
    • Voiceover
    • Acting/Directing

    •  Cinematographer "The Badger" Short, Produced by Madeira Films
    •  Camera Operator 2015 Gymnastics Glasgow for ARD Germany
    •  AC/Video Assist “And Violet” Short Directed by Paul Gray
    •  Cable basher “Before the Morning After” NBC/Brown Eyed Boy
    •  AC/Runner “Dispatches” Channel 4/Quicksilver
    •  Boom op/Runner “The One Show” BBC1
    •  AC/Focus Puller “UNF” Feature, Directed by Tim Barrow
    •  2nd AC “The Rat King” Short, Directed by Pavel Shepan
    •  Multimedia Technician at Apex Training and Development
    •  2nd Ac “Miami”  Short, Directed by Robin Haig.
    •  Editor – Trailer for “Christmas Hear Kids” Orphanage Productions
    •  Camera Trainee/2nd AC Short Film “Back Home” Orphanage Productions.
    •  Location Runner for “The Amazing Race” CBS/Wild Rover
    •  Editor, Bombskare Live at the O2.



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