Having video on your site helps to boost traffic to you and obviously more traffic equals more sales.


What other benefits are there to working with video? Well the list is pretty vast to be fair, if you can think of a way to use video that we haven’t used yet, we'd be happy to talk it through. So far, we have produced drama, documentary, corporate training videos, promotional videos and music videos.  There are some examples of our work below. Scroll down for more reasons to work with us.



Training Videos:

Images engage users far more than simple text, that's just a fact.  Why not support your training with a video which can convey so much more information than a powerpoint which only engages one part of the brain (the Broca's area which deals with language processing, for those who are interested).


Let us tell your story visually. Turn your messages into a video which will engage the motor cortex part of the brain as well as the language processing area. If you have employees you want to receive the same message - turn it into a video so that the message is consistent and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.


Video can be used in a more fun and humorous way than delivering training in a "chalk and talk" style presentation with little engagement from your staff. You can decide the outcome from the start and present situations in an enjoyable manner without relying on the inconsistent delivery of using multiple trainers in different locations.


Promotional Videos:

It's a fact that many visitors to your site will have found it partly because it has a video on it in the first place - Google ranks pages with video highly, particularly if they have a good "reputation". Use video to promote a service or product and watch the sales come in as a result.

Website visitors are 64% more likely to buy products having seen a video first.


Music Videos:

Well I think everyone knows value of a music video by now. Reach your fans and create a small piece of musical history! We love making music and music videos. JOIN US!!!!!